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Frequently Asked Questions
How often do we service domestic homes?
We are flexible to meet our clients needs.
Do you provide domestic cleaning services monthly / bi-monthly?
No, not on a regular basis however we can provide you with one-off or spring cleans whenever you want.
Do I need to supply the cleaning products and equipment?
No you don't need to provide anything. Part of the service is to supply all the cleaning products including cloths and vacuum cleaner, etc.
What are your hygiene standards?
We are very particular in providing the highest standard of hygiene to our clients. Our cleaning cloths are colour coded so that only certain cloths are used in bathrooms and others used in kitchens to prevent any cross-contamination. All cloths and mop heads are pre-sanitised and are only used in your home once, i.e. they are never re-used in another clean.
What happens if something gets damaged?
We take the utmost care of your premises and contents during our cleaning services. However in the unlikely event something gets damaged, all of our cleaners are covered by Public Liability insurance to safeguard your property.
I've got pets. What do we do with them?
Owners with pets (especially dogs) usually leave them outside while your cleaner is there. However if you have any wishes or concerns, discuss these with us so that appropriate arrangements can be made.
I've got an alarm. What happens here?
Some clients are happy to provide their alarm codes, which we must stress, are held with us under the strictest of confidence so that your security isn't compromised. Other clients are happy just to leave their alarm unset as they know when their cleaner will be there. We can discuss these arrangements once you've decided to use our services.
Do I need to be there when you clean?
This is entirely your choice. Most clients are happy to leave us a key which, like your alarm code, is held with us securely.
What products do you use?
Our cleaning solutions are derived from plants which mean they are bio-degradable. This not only helps our environment but is also safe to use around your family, including your pets.
How do I pay and when?
For domestic services, you pay on the day of the service either by cash or cheque.  If you wish to pay by direct credit, please discuss this with us so that appropriate arrangements can be made.
For commercial services, please contact us to discuss payment terms.
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